Install a Shingle Roof in Seattle, WA

Install a Shingle Roof in Seattle, WA

We Install Shingle & Shakes Roofs

Shake roofing is an attractive premium material that will look great on your home. Adorn your home with this traditional wooden roofing material today. Dreams Roofing, LLC offers shake roof installation and repairs at reasonable prices. Treated shake roofs can last from 25 to 30 years.

Schedule an appointment for shake roof installation in Seattle, WA by calling Dreams Roofing at 206-478-8647.

3 good reasons to install a wood shingle roof

Complete your home design with an eye-appealing shake roof from Dreams Roofing.

You should consider installing a wood shingle roof because:

  1. It's easy to install and maintain
  2. It's a natural textured material
  3. It adds a high-end look to any home

We also offer shingle roof repairs at competitive prices. Call today to speak with a roofing contractor about shingle your roof installation in Seattle, WA.